Welcome at the website from ‚ÄėNatuurlijk, Dier Totaal!

Which contains a dogwalking service, dog grooming and a practice for natural medicine for all animals.

My name is Rootje van Gulik.

After i got my highschool diploma (Rijnlands lyceum Wassenaar and Boerhaave college Leiden), I got my first animal education at Groenhorst college in Barneveld where I studied and got my diploma. I started in 2000 my study natural medicin for animals at Silverlinde in Breda and got my diploma. In 1998 I started working in the animal shelter Stevenshage in Leiden and in 2005 I started working at the animal shelter Nationale Dierenzorg in Wassenaar. There I have been supervisor for 10 years at the department senior dogs. I also worked in a pet shop for some years and also have more then 30 years experience with training, riding and taking care of horses.

Due to my good education and plenty of years with working experience i know alot of animal behaviour, health and dogs living and behaving in a pack.

Last but not least: i can guarantee love for your animal , professionality and reliability.

Dog walking service:

Working area: Leidschendam, Voorschoten, Wassenaar.

I pick up the dogs in the morning and bring them back in the afternoon. Not a little walk but al least one and a half hour during the day entertainment! I collect the dogs in a safe company bus with seperate kennels for a safe ride for your dog.

Dog grooming:

Grooming service for all kind of dogs. Shaving, cutting, combing and washing.

The coat can be cut or shaved the way you desire. Also removing loose hair and combing is always possible. This in combination with washing and drying makes the result optimal.

* The amount for a treatment of your dog is dependent on:

  • The type of coat.
  • The duration of the treatment.
  • It may or may not have tangles.
  • Whether or not having a felted coat.
  • The behavior of your dog.

Ofcourse in my shop I only use shampoos on 100% natural base!

Practise for natural medicine:

Natural medicine for animals is an alternative medicine. Beside that there is assumed to be the own healing power of the animal is the complaint dealt with in conjunction with the overall condition of the animal. There is always aimed at finding out the real cause of the complaint rather than to treat the symptoms. The self healing ability of the animal is encouraged.

A naturopathic advice consultation starts with an extensive interview, health history. The owner of the ' patient ' is asked to tell as much as possible about the animal. This is followed by a physical examination and a total observation. I'm going so an extensive conversation with the owner. I inquiry to both aspects of the current situation eg: food, housing, behavior as from the past bv: trauma, vaccination, medical history. From this information I determine where the problem came from. I go sort out of the totality of the animal. On the basis of all this data is a diagnosis, treatment plan and resources recommended.  

My vision:

  • Prevention and information
  • The self healing power boost
  • Practical approach; What is feasible for the animal and the owner?
  • Natural approach; What are the natural needs of the animal?
  • Work with veterinarians and other natural therapeuts.

Common complaints with naturopathy good can be used are:

  • Skin complaints: * skin conditions: "the skin is the mirror of health". This saying is certainly true for our pets. Lots of skin and coat problems are a result of an "internal disturbance". There are few skin problems that are a direct result of external influences.
  • Stomach/intestinal problems: such as poor appetite, frequent vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and/or slimming
  • Joint, muscle and tire problems: * joint problems: in animals with mobility problems and certainly also at aging animals, certain food supplements very supportive working at all kinds of joint problems, muscle and tire problems. Also in the area of pain relief natural resources can be used.
  • Behavior problems: * behavior: usually called problem behaviour ... can also fall under the heading of: not understood behavior. A neutral, expert and naturopathic view of determine can be a hugh difference for animal and owner.

The natural remedies that can be applied are:

  • Homeopathy
  • Phytotherapy
  • Cell salts
  • Bach flower therapy
  • Orthomoluculaire medicine and nutrition
  • Team and touch

Holiday care for cats:

During your holiday, whether it be long or short is I like to take care of your cat (s). A homely place  entirely decorated for your cat to have a stay as pleasant as possible. Besides different beds, cat trees and climbing possibilities, there is also air conditioning and the possibility in cats with special food or care to put them for the night apart. Assuming the night at us begins  around 10 pm! For the rest there will be tried as much as possible to let walk free of your cat  so he can go where he wants. The cats get good quality food but imagine that your cat needs a diet you can ofcourse bring it with him/her.